Hottest New Easter Product Delivered By Santa Claus?

   The Easter Bunny is the magical visitor typically associated with Easter. However this year it seems that Santa Claus is getting into the Easter spirit as well. So what exactly does Santa Claus know about Easter? Well, we're about to find out, as a famous Santa Claus, Indiana candy shop just took a giant bunny hop into the Easter season by launching an innovative new product: personalized chocolate Easter bunnies.

Santa's Candy Castle, established in 1935, has long been famous for their Christmas offerings, including the world's largest selection of candy canes and dozens of flavors of gourmet hot chocolate. But earlier this week, the unique confectioner entered into the Easter market when it began offering 1 LB solid chocolate Easter bunnies that are individually personalized with the name of your loved one. The company believes that it has found the perfect Easter product for families with young children.

Most families have developed strong personal favorites when it comes to Easter baskets and candy, whether it be jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or peeps. Parents associate those favorites with Easter and will choose those items every year out of tradition. What they often struggle to find, however, is the unique item that will make their child's Easter basket really special.

A personalized chocolate bunny is the perfect answer. You won't find it on the shelf of any store -- only the Easter Bunny could deliver something so special. Take any ordinary Easter basket, add this personalized chocolate bunny as the centerpiece, and you instantly have an extraordinary basket.

But what if you or your children can't have chocolate? As a follow-up to its popular letters from Santa program, Santa's Candy Castle also began offering personalized letters from the Easter Bunny, complete with foil-embossed stationery and envelopes. And in keeping with the Easter spirit of hope, a substantial portion of all letter sales will be donated to the Easter Bunny Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings the Easter Bunny to over 15,000 hospitalized children across the country every year.

So will the Easter Bunny mind getting a little help from Santa Claus this year? Certainly not, but before you go leaving out milk and cookies for Santa on "Easter Eve", just remember that the Easter Bunny is still in charge when it comes to Easter, and he still prefers carrots to cookies

Easter could actually be considered the candy eating day of the year after Halloween. And it is not exactly surprising that Americans actually consumed seven billion dollar worth of candies in a year. According to National Confectioners' Association, Americans consumed about two billion worth of Easter candy and it was over two billion dollars. For Christmas, we spend about one and a half billion dollars while for Valentine's Day, it was about one billion dollars.

The figures are really huge. About ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced every year. And yes, as for adults about sixty five percent prefer milk chocolates as compared to twenty seven percent that prefer dark chocolate.

There is whole lot of statistics about Easter candy. Americans buy over seven hundred million Marshmallow Peeps every year in Easter season. They are in the shapes of Bunnies, eggs and chicks. It is no surprise that Marshmallow Pips are the most popular Easter candy in the non-chocolate category. Data suggests that yellow peeps are the most popular and then pink, lavender, blue and white. With the popularity of Easter candy increasing every year, candy makers providing a lot of variety in Easter products. M&M's in the early 80s started coming out in pastel spring colors. With increased popularity of Easter candy, many supermarkets have increased (even doubled) the space for Easter candy. The most surprising thing is that Easter candy is not an old tradition. Europe saw the first and the most popular Easter candy, chocolate eggs in the early 1800s.

Our old traditions included hot cross buns for Easter treats. These were made by European monks and were given to the needy. You would be surprised to know that pretzels actually were first of all associated with Easter. It was thought that the twists of pretzels resemble arms crossed in prayer. If you feel that your kids might have too much of Easter candy, you can always come out with some non candy substitutes for Easter. So, you can fill the Easter baskets with movie passes, baseball cards, crayons, stuffed animals or balls. We are talking about non edible items essentially. But yes, your kid would surely be disappointed with not getting any candies. After all Easter has always been known for Easter candy and your kids must be expecting Easter candy from you also. But health of kids comes first. So, you make a fine balance between the two.

It is not a surprise that Easter is our national candy eating day. You take the name of Easter and there are two things that come to mind-Easter eggs and Easter candy. With increased consumer awareness, there are whole lots of varieties in the field of Easter candy. You can have your pick as per your individual tastes. If you are thinking of someone with diabetes, you can also opt for sugar free Easter candy. It tastes very good and it also does not affect your health. So, the next time you go to a store, ask for Easter candy that suits you the best.


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